What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

what to do

When you are on your own you are faced with so many challenges that you don’t even know what to do instantly about them. Remember you are the boss, there is no superior or subordinate to discuss with, you are the only one to provide answers and solutions, you have to motivate yourself to be on track.

You have to put everything in perspectives, try and understand your situation then respond accordingly. For example if you are not getting the needed business, how will you view it? if your suppliers and prospective customers are not taking you serious, how will you interpret it?

You can give different meanings to these situations. You can interpret them that may be you are not fit to be on your own, or that you have to do things differently. The way you respond will determine how you perceived your circumstances.

However you may consult professionals (accountant, computer consultant, self-employment expert or lawyer) for advice on their areas of expertise.

But on your own you can apply the following steps when you are in a difficult situation that you don’t know what to do:

  1. Admit that you don’t know but you are willing to know.
  2. Believe that something effective could be done. Whatever the situation if you approach it from the perspective that problem are solvable, you will be able to proceed further. Particularly, in this era of information technology, you can go online and seek solution to issues.
  3. Don’t focus on the problem, focus your attention on the solution. For example, if you observe that money is not coming in as expected, instead of focusing on the issue focus on what you can do to generate more income and better results.
  4. Follow your heart. Most times when you are faced with a tough situation, within your mind you hear one little voice telling you don’t do it another one will say go for it. Access the situation thoroughly, then follow your heart and go for it.
  5. Create multiple possibilities. The moment you have a clear idea of the direction you are going, start creating as many possibilities as you can. You can evaluate the ideas later to select the ones that work.
  6. Try hard to solve the problem, then leave it for a while. Do other things, often in the midst of doing other things the solution may just come naturally.
  7. Discus it with someone, like the saying; problem share is half solved. In the process of talking it over you may find solution to the issues. You may also seek expert opinion.
  8. If answer did not come, act. There is the saying that it is better to do something than doing nothing. If you still don’t know what to do and you need to act, experiment. Try some approach in a small way if possible, then evaluate the results. If it doesn’t work the outcome will suggest the next line of action.

Akeem Lawal

Akeem Lawal, an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) business. He was able to start and grow his business from scratch. He has created this site, Informate.Biz for sharing strategic, practical and live changing information on entrepreneurship.

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