How to Market Your Products and Services


When you are on your own, no matter how good your products or services may be, you need to create awareness for them by reaching out to potential customers. Before you identify the platform for your marketing you need to consider these important steps:

  1. Identify your unique selling point. To attract attention to yourself. and your work, you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You need to research and outline what makes you different from others who offer the same products or services. What do you do that is unique to you? may be your packaging, customer service, after sales support and so on.
  2. Give away free samples, demo or trial for customer to test the benefit of what you offer. Once they are excited about your offer, they will start spreading the word.
  3. Find a platform to showcase your unique selling point.
  4. Promote what you offer in as many media as possible. Think of many available platforms to show off. Flyers, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, E mail Newsletter, SMS, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines etc.

Akeem Lawal

Akeem Lawal, an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) business. He was able to start and grow his business from scratch. He has created this site, Informate.Biz for sharing strategic, practical and live changing information on entrepreneurship.

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