Changing Your Mindset From Salary Job To Self Employment


Whether you are well prepared or you are pushed by circumstances such as job loss, or you are unable to secure a job and you have decided to start your own business. The most important thing you have to do is work on yourself to change your mindset from payroll mentality to profit. As an employee, every time you work, you are making money for someone else – your employer. You are an expense and every employer wants to keep expenses down, that means keeping your salary down.

The moment you start your own business, you automatically become an asset- the number one asset for your business. There is no supervisor to oversee your activities, you are now the decision maker. Most times there is every tendency that we may be running our lives exactly the same way we did when we were in paid employment. This may be likened to trying to drive a car from the passenger’s seat. I am sure you know it won’t be easy.

Yours sincerely, I have experienced this when I started my own business in 1999 after voluntarily leaving my paid employment. I was confident and at the same time uncertain, I knew getting customers won’t be a problem as a Computer Consultant. The sector was just growing and already I had some clients I was servicing. I registered a business name “Microset Technologies Enterprises” which was later upgraded to Microset Technologies Limited in 2001. I opened bank account, printed letterhead, business cards, invoices and receipts. I read everything I could on starting business, talked to everyone I knew in IT business, some told me to prepare a business plan which will serve as my guide.

Then, the only business I was doing were coming from the people I knew and referrals, but occasionally when business were not coming in, I always realised that there was more to being on my own than what I was told or envisaged. At this point, I realised that I had to approach working on my own in a fundamentally different way.

The challenges pushed me to adopt the following profit perspectives:

  1. As my own boss I no longer have a job; but I have got 3 jobs, I have got to get the business, do the business, and run the business.
  2. Changing mindset from “earning money to spend” as it was under salary job to “spending money to earn” . On your own whatever money you make, part of it should be re-invested back in the business.
  3. Making it on my own requires a strong desire and willingness to become goal-directed and self-motivated person.
  4. Having enough people to patronize me week after week, month after month, and year after year is the key ingredient for making it on my own. And the magic word that will put me in control of having all the business I needed is MARKETING.
  5. Ultimately, God has created every one for a unique purpose that can not be transferred, it can not be inherited, it can not be copied, why don’t you sit down to discover your purpose in life? View and approach the World in a way that truly benefit those around you.

Akeem Lawal

Akeem Lawal, an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) business. He was able to start and grow his business from scratch. He has created this site, Informate.Biz for sharing strategic, practical and live changing information on entrepreneurship.

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